Articles and interviews

Companies don’t shy away from redundancies. How to be the employee that they keep.
In an interview with Forbes, we discuss how to deal with redundancies, but also how to become irreplaceable at the company.

Why it pays to invest in education in a crisis
Even during a crisis, education should be important. Both for companies and employees, it is an investment with a high return rate.

Online job interviews have their own rules. How are applicants supposed to prepare for them in order not to spoil anything?
An interesting discussion about how online interviews are different from and similar to personal meetings, and what not to forget.

Looking for a new job? These are 5 books recommended by Slovak HR experts.
My recommendation is the Wisdom and Common Sense trilogy — wise little books that always offer some inspiring insights.

When they do not want to listen to a youngster. This is how the Millennial manager will handle older subordinates.
Millennials have grown up to be bosses, and they have to deal with many challenges. It could help them if they prepare well and if they are sufficiently receptive.

Building an effective team is a huge challenge. Here are a few principles from an experienced Slovak HR expert that will help you with it.
Martina Jurínova and I discuss how to effectively manage a team, build trust, resolve conflicts, promote engagement and accountability, and how to achieve results.