Products and services

Business Consultation

As a consultant, I will be happy to help you with defining corporate strategy, organizing strategic workshops for management, reorganization, change management, etc.

HR Consultation

I will help you with building up your HR department as a strategic business partner, defining HR strategy, setting up HR processes and tools, performance and remuneration management processes, development programs for management, internal mentoring, key players program, defining and shaping corporate culture, corporate values, etc.

Facilitation and management of workshops

Using professional facilitation, I will help you manage the discussion at strategic meetings and workshops so that you can achieve the desired output effectively, with the balanced participation of all participants. I use my many years of experience in this field for the interactive involvement of participants. Through the application of various approaches I will lead the group to generate the most suitable solutions ready for implementation.


As a coach, I can be your partner in revealing and fully utilising your potential as individuals or teams, and helping you to make the most of your capabilities and assumptions so that you take responsibility and make wise decisions at work and in life.


I can advise you based on my experience, and together we can find solutions for how to manage and develop a team, how to resolve conflicts, manage your career, work and life changes, how to do things better, more efficiently and how to enjoy it.