Eva Bircakova

Coach, Trainer, HR Consultant, ADAMAS


Anka was my boss and teacher at Slovak Telekom, which was an exceptional life lesson. As the head of HR and a board member, she managed a corporate transformation that was unprecedented in Slovakia at that time. I admired her energy, courage, optimism and ability to preserve humanity in that harsh, uneasy business. She put together a great HR team that functions, meets and cooperates to this day. Currently, its members are important HR leaders in renowned companies, and even now they are proud of their past at Slovak Telekom.


Anka has gained a lot of experience in her decades spent in top positions. She is a shining star of the HR world who has actively formed and developed it, and is constantly engaged in it. She is led by her desire to contribute, change, influence, address, improve and leave a mark. Working with her will always bring positive change, whether you work with her as a mentor; or a coach on your personal development; or as a strategic consultant on redesigning processes; or on team and organizational development.