Pepper De Callier

Author, Mentor, Coach, Leadership Authority, Speaker, Prague Leadership Institute Founder


Today, intelligence is a commodity. What matters the most is being able to apply intelligence in a way that can deliver desired outcomes. For the consultant and coach, that ability to “convert” intelligence into this kind of wisdom takes years of experience observing and working with leaders helping them solve problems. It also takes one’s own dedicated involvement in the search for best practices, but more importantly, honing the ability to customize best practices to individual needs, which takes empathy—a real desire and commitment to understand and comprehend situational needs, and the ability to partner with others in a way that helps them grow from challenging experiences and move to a new level of competence as a leader. I have known and worked with Anna for 10 years and can say that she not only embodies these traits, but constantly works to refine them. I consider Anna to be the epitome of caring, competent professionalism and recommend her without reservation.