Zuzana Zeleznikova

VP Business Development CEE at TOMRA Collection Solutions


Whether I’m just in a need to share a thought, facing a dilemma or having a need to get different perspective, facilitate a meeting, Anna is the person I will turn to. She is inspiring, demanding, open to share her valuable knowledge and life and business experiences. Her impressive skill to ask type of questions leading to see same subject from different angles, create psychologically safe environment where one can share, think out of box and challenge the status quo. I dont know another person who is like Anna always full of energy, positive and any time ready to support.

Klaudia Bednarova

CEO & Owner, The Bridge – English Language Centre


Working with Anka is a pure joy. She is clear and to the point, but always with a smile and good mood. We consulted and together prepared a system for setting up and assessing KPIs for teachers. She helped us to get round complicated considerations and set up a simple, transparent and functional assessment system for our lecturers. Practice has shown that Anka was right; simplicity and functionality are important.

Pepper De Callier

Author, Mentor, Coach, Leadership Authority, Speaker, Prague Leadership Institute Founder


Today, intelligence is a commodity. What matters the most is being able to apply intelligence in a way that can deliver desired outcomes. For the consultant and coach, that ability to “convert” intelligence into this kind of wisdom takes years of experience observing and working with leaders helping them solve problems. It also takes one’s own dedicated involvement in the search for best practices, but more importantly, honing the ability to customize best practices to individual needs, which takes empathy—a real desire and commitment to understand and comprehend situational needs, and the ability to partner with others in a way that helps them grow from challenging experiences and move to a new level of competence as a leader. I have known and worked with Anna for 10 years and can say that she not only embodies these traits, but constantly works to refine them. I consider Anna to be the epitome of caring, competent professionalism and recommend her without reservation.

Eva Bircakova

Coach, Trainer, HR Consultant, ADAMAS


Anka was my boss and teacher at Slovak Telekom, which was an exceptional life lesson. As the head of HR and a board member, she managed a corporate transformation that was unprecedented in Slovakia at that time. I admired her energy, courage, optimism and ability to preserve humanity in that harsh, uneasy business. She put together a great HR team that functions, meets and cooperates to this day. Currently, its members are important HR leaders in renowned companies, and even now they are proud of their past at Slovak Telekom.


Anka has gained a lot of experience in her decades spent in top positions. She is a shining star of the HR world who has actively formed and developed it, and is constantly engaged in it. She is led by her desire to contribute, change, influence, address, improve and leave a mark. Working with her will always bring positive change, whether you work with her as a mentor; or a coach on your personal development; or as a strategic consultant on redesigning processes; or on team and organizational development.

Renata Pukanova

HR Country Head & Employee Relations Lead Europe, GSK


Working with Anka Hudáková was very inspiring and rewarding. Anka has an exceptional gift for connecting professionalism and humanism in one. As a professional she has the ability to deliver a clear vision linked to strategic insight, and the ability to effectively link accumulated experience with outstanding knowledge of current trends. The innovation with which she faces challenges motivates anyone she works with to bring out their best. I had the opportunity to work under Anka’s leadership. She successfully managed changes in a multinational company at the business level, in both organizational development and corporate culture. To achieve this, Anka has to have an exceptional gift. She puts humanity and understanding the individual first. This is how she gets people with different interests to strive for a common goal.

Martina Rothova

Head of HR Department, Municipality of Bratislava the Capital of the Slovak Republic


We cannot thank Mrs Hudáková enough in all respects for her cooperation. She can naturally connect her professional experience to client requirements, has great communication skills and the gift to sense what kind of help the client expects from her. She also has strong integrity in all circumstances, as well as the ability to prioritize, providing the basis for extraordinarily effective and fruitful cooperation. In any subject of human resources she is the first person we turn to, and with confidence.

Vendula Knappova

Head of Ethics&Business Integrity Sanofi Czech&Slovakia, Nordics&Baltics


I first met Mrs. Hudáková during my job interview at Sanofi. Since the first impression is always the most important one, I should say it was a great one for me. What decided it was her professionalism, great representation, charm, and awareness of what is happening around her. She is a great psychologist and can correctly evaluate a person by asking the right questions. Mrs. Anna Hudáková, then HR director of Sanofi and Zentiva, has not just learned to be like this, she can do this naturally.


She was my counselor, my mentor, my friend. She has wiped a few tears from my face during my career, and lent me lipstick during a break in a difficult meeting. I will never forget her catchphrase: “So, take a deep breath, adjust yourself nicely and don’t give anyone the chance to see you’re feeling down, chin up and let’s do it.”


Simple advice, isn’t it? I believe most of you will have experienced a situation like that, maybe with help, or maybe without, but I think you understand me. Coaching and mentoring is an extremely important element in our careers. It is important to find a person who can do it because she knows what she’s talking about, and helps you move on with grace and joy, because that’s what life is about. I found this person in my career in Anna Hudáková . Thank you for helping me be who I am.

Drahomira Mandikova

Director of Corporate Affairs – Asahi Breweries Europe & Member of the Board of Directors of Pilsner Urquell Slovakia


With her excellent cooperation and communication, quick understanding of the needs of the organization, and exceptional energy, Anna Hudáková is always two steps ahead. She asks the right questions, is able to listen and at the same time correctly identify any arising issues. She helps to reveal what is hidden and provoke an honest debate. She does not avoid hidden tensions in relationships or processes within the organization. She is confident in revealing suppressed problems and helping to solve them constructively. After individual discussions or team workshops on corporate culture and business models with Anna, our managers felt motivated, with the appetite to move things forward. Anna can use her many years of experience in the field of HR in professional workshop management; defining the role of business; setting up the right structure; and defining business aspirations or desired corporate culture. She can also use this experience in individual meetings, mentoring or coaching.

David Hrdlicka

CFO / Board Member / Executive Director, STADA Group CZ


I started my cooperation with Anka Hudáková after discovering that my colleagues did not respond to my communication as I would have imagined. I had several conversations with Anka where she gave me a view from the other side and specific advice on how to manage expectations to communicate effectively. I found out that it is not always about winning the argument, but is more important to achieve established goals in communication.


Thanks to Anka I am now more interested in the impact of the way I speak than the content of the conversation. My conversations with Anka have also given me a different perspective based on her experience in the highest HR roles. 


Thanks to Anka’s coaching and mentoring in communication I’ve gained a wider range of skills. This is the biggest benefit for me personally, and I believe it is better for the people around me too. I see fewer obstacles and even fall asleep better in the evening 🙂

Silvia Jelenikova

Co-Site Lead of Dell Global Business Centre & HR Director CEE Region


My relationship with Anka evolved gradually. At the beginning she appeared to be a strict HR boss in Telekom, one I sat against when I was offering the services of a personnel agency. Later, when I joined Telekom myself, she was my highest boss, and I still had respect for her authority. Even later, I cooperated with Anka as my direct superior when I was leading the HR business partners department. It was then I had the honour to fully get to know her work. Getting to know Anka as a person is not finished and today I see her mainly as a friend, a HR colleague and an inspiring woman. Thinking of Anka, the first thing that comes to mind is her energy. Even today, after years of work, experience, challenging transformational and other projects, Anka is still forcefully looking for new fields to contribute to, to move on, to change. It’s amazing how much energy, enthusiasm and overall internal strength she has. Thanks to her humanity I have finally understood what the “H” in HR really stands for. Humanity, the human side of us HR professionals. Anka always thinks of people first, in every situation. How to help people move on, fulfill them. She has enormous experience from really significant change projects that she led as the head of HR. I would entrust her with any transformational project, whether at the corporate or individual level. I believe that she can help, advise and direct any person at a professional or even personal crossroads. Anka has opinions that she clearly communicates. She can listen and adapt to the situation and the person. I am in awe of her wisdom and maturity. I also admire the youthful zeal permeating everything she does. I am very happy to have her in my friend circle 🙂 I can only recommend cooperation with her. She will lead you down new paths to new ideas.