Silvia Jelenikova

Co-Site Lead of Dell Global Business Centre & HR Director CEE Region


My relationship with Anka evolved gradually. At the beginning she appeared to be a strict HR boss in Telekom, one I sat against when I was offering the services of a personnel agency. Later, when I joined Telekom myself, she was my highest boss, and I still had respect for her authority. Even later, I cooperated with Anka as my direct superior when I was leading the HR business partners department. It was then I had the honour to fully get to know her work. Getting to know Anka as a person is not finished and today I see her mainly as a friend, a HR colleague and an inspiring woman. Thinking of Anka, the first thing that comes to mind is her energy. Even today, after years of work, experience, challenging transformational and other projects, Anka is still forcefully looking for new fields to contribute to, to move on, to change. It’s amazing how much energy, enthusiasm and overall internal strength she has. Thanks to her humanity I have finally understood what the “H” in HR really stands for. Humanity, the human side of us HR professionals. Anka always thinks of people first, in every situation. How to help people move on, fulfill them. She has enormous experience from really significant change projects that she led as the head of HR. I would entrust her with any transformational project, whether at the corporate or individual level. I believe that she can help, advise and direct any person at a professional or even personal crossroads. Anka has opinions that she clearly communicates. She can listen and adapt to the situation and the person. I am in awe of her wisdom and maturity. I also admire the youthful zeal permeating everything she does. I am very happy to have her in my friend circle 🙂 I can only recommend cooperation with her. She will lead you down new paths to new ideas.