David Hrdlicka

CFO / Board Member / Executive Director, STADA Group CZ


I started my cooperation with Anka Hudáková after discovering that my colleagues did not respond to my communication as I would have imagined. I had several conversations with Anka where she gave me a view from the other side and specific advice on how to manage expectations to communicate effectively. I found out that it is not always about winning the argument, but is more important to achieve established goals in communication.


Thanks to Anka I am now more interested in the impact of the way I speak than the content of the conversation. My conversations with Anka have also given me a different perspective based on her experience in the highest HR roles. 


Thanks to Anka’s coaching and mentoring in communication I’ve gained a wider range of skills. This is the biggest benefit for me personally, and I believe it is better for the people around me too. I see fewer obstacles and even fall asleep better in the evening 🙂