Drahomira Mandikova

Director of Corporate Affairs – Asahi Breweries Europe & Member of the Board of Directors of Pilsner Urquell Slovakia


With her excellent cooperation and communication, quick understanding of the needs of the organization, and exceptional energy, Anna Hudáková is always two steps ahead. She asks the right questions, is able to listen and at the same time correctly identify any arising issues. She helps to reveal what is hidden and provoke an honest debate. She does not avoid hidden tensions in relationships or processes within the organization. She is confident in revealing suppressed problems and helping to solve them constructively. After individual discussions or team workshops on corporate culture and business models with Anna, our managers felt motivated, with the appetite to move things forward. Anna can use her many years of experience in the field of HR in professional workshop management; defining the role of business; setting up the right structure; and defining business aspirations or desired corporate culture. She can also use this experience in individual meetings, mentoring or coaching.