Vendula Knappova

Head of Ethics&Business Integrity Sanofi Czech&Slovakia, Nordics&Baltics


I first met Mrs. Hudáková during my job interview at Sanofi. Since the first impression is always the most important one, I should say it was a great one for me. What decided it was her professionalism, great representation, charm, and awareness of what is happening around her. She is a great psychologist and can correctly evaluate a person by asking the right questions. Mrs. Anna Hudáková, then HR director of Sanofi and Zentiva, has not just learned to be like this, she can do this naturally.


She was my counselor, my mentor, my friend. She has wiped a few tears from my face during my career, and lent me lipstick during a break in a difficult meeting. I will never forget her catchphrase: “So, take a deep breath, adjust yourself nicely and don’t give anyone the chance to see you’re feeling down, chin up and let’s do it.”


Simple advice, isn’t it? I believe most of you will have experienced a situation like that, maybe with help, or maybe without, but I think you understand me. Coaching and mentoring is an extremely important element in our careers. It is important to find a person who can do it because she knows what she’s talking about, and helps you move on with grace and joy, because that’s what life is about. I found this person in my career in Anna Hudáková . Thank you for helping me be who I am.